WOW, it’s Wednesday already!

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Am I the only one who hates to go and renew their drivers license? It’s not the bother of driving all the way to the courthouse, it’s the fact that I have to have another “mug shot” taken! The least they could do is use a camera that allows us to edit our photo so that we look semi human! I had to get mine renewed yesterday and I swear those 4 years have taken its toll on me. Where did that wrinkle come from? So, how come I can’t smile even the slightest while standing on the blue line? The funny thing is they give you four different pictures to choose from…how did that happen, you only took one picture and they still all looked the same…HORRIBLE! Oh well, the dirty deed is done for another four years and I just pray that I don’t have to show it to anyone.

Yesterday was election day on our neck of the woods so we headed out early to vote. Seems like they moved our polling place from the fire station to a church. I was always taught to keep politics and religion separate…guess not in our area! Anyway, trying to find the polling place is not easy when you live in an area with mostly country roads, some of which we never knew existed! Hey, it was a nice drive and we got to talk about what we wanted to happen in our state for the next four years. We agreed to disagree in silence after a few minutes. HaHa!

After voting we decided to take advantage of being dressed up in our “city” clothes so we went to town to do our weekly grocery shopping. All went well there and we even snagged a few bags of Halloween candy at greatly reduced prices. Somehow a bottle of wine sounded good to have with our dinner so we stopped to buy one. Geez, don’t know if it’s the fact that I am a blonde or that Drew now shaves his head and his brains seeped out but we forgot…it’s election day and you can’t buy liquor! DUH on our part. We each smacked the other one on the head and had a good laugh. You’d think they would allow us folks that were wearing the “I voted” sticker to buy some wine…heck we can’t change our votes after getting “liquored up” on that bottle of wine! Oh well, water is better for us anyway.

We had our usual weekly discussion on what Drew should prepare for the market sampling and we decided to take advantage of the wonderful sweet potatoes available at the market. So, this week’s sampling will be Sweet Tater Soup seasoned with our Jamm’n Jerk. I’ve already posted that recipe so I thought I would share a new one that I tried last night. I have to admit that I had never heard of “naan.” Could be because we really do not like Indian cuisine but this recipe intrigued me so I played with it. I have to tell you that it is good and I can’t wait to dunk them into some chili or a bowl of steaming soup. I can’t take credit for the original recipe cause I got it off of the internet but I will tell you what changes I made in order to use one of our blends in it.

You can find the original recipe here I did add one tablespoon of sugar, as suggested, to the yeast to proof it. And, I added the ½ teaspoon of baking soda to the flour so that it would bubble more. Instead of using the minced garlic I added one tablespoon of our Good’n Garlicky. And when it tells you to brush them with butter I added a bit more Garlicky to the melted butter. They were great and very garlicky! The one thing I might change next time I make them is to hand pat then versus rolling them out…it might give me more air bubbles. A few of my Frugal Friends suggested this trick. I thank Mic for submitting the recipe to Allrecipes. It was a winner!

Well, Drew is pacing the floor behind me so that must mean it’s time to head towards the shop so that I can get his labels for this week printed out. Hope you all have a great day and I’ll see tomorrow. 🙂


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