Thursday’s doin’s

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Brrrrr, it’s a cold one out there this morning! Well, it’s not really cold just a wee bit colder than we are used to. Let’s put it this way, I woke up at 2am for some darn reason and immediately put on the flannel jammies and heavy socks. I sure hope the day warms up because we can’t afford to heat my shop with the current price of fuel. I wait until the sun is shining and then work like crazy in hopes of warming myself up. In case you are wondering why I don’t bundle up while working out there, it reminds me of my days as child when my mom used to stuff me into a snowsuit! Surely you all remember those days…you walked like a movie monster. Your arms are thrown out from your side and there is no way that you can put them down where they belong! It feels like something laid an egg in your armpit! Don’t even get me started on the “pants” part of the outfit. Anyway, I am staying inside our semi warm home until it is fit for a human to function in the shop. An early morning nap sounds pretty good to me and I can see the bed calling my name!

Thursday is always a very busy day for us. I try to finish up the last of the label printing, Drew is getting the last of his blending done and we’re both getting ready to commence with the packing for the market. I think I’ll let him get the jars filled while I nap. I can always put the darn snowsuit on and work tonight!

For some reason the cold weather is not bothering two of our kitties. Binky, our deaf little white darling, and Louie, the black beast, seem to be wishing they were outdoors. I don’t think so!!! They look like bookends sitting on the windowsill. Sort of an ebony and ivory type of thingie!


I was trying to think of a wonderful recipe to give you today and the one that seems to be sticking in mind uses sweet taters! Of course that could be because we are using them in our market sampling this week. If you like sweet taters as much as I do and happen to be married to a person who only tolerates them this recipe is perfect.

Wash and pat dry fresh sweet potatoes. Cut them into “steak fry” type slices. Toss with a tiny bit of vegetable oil and then place into a plastic bag. Shake some of our Pop’n Sweet into the bag and coat the taters. Place them on a cookie pan and bake in a preheated 425 oven for about 10-12 minutes. Turn them over and sprinkle more Pop’n Sweet on them and return to the oven. Bake an additonal 5 or so minutes…just until they are tender. They will be soft on the inside and the Pop’n Sweet gets crusty on the outside. You get sweet and salty in each bite…heaven! BTW, Pop’n Sweet was created so that you could make your own kettle type popped corn at home but you can do so much more with it!

Hope you sweet tater lovers enjoy today’s recipe and maybe you might manage to get a convert with it too! 🙂  Talk at ya tomorrow! 🙂


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