Frantic Friday On The Farm!

November 9, 2007 at 1:30 pm Leave a comment

We’re getting primed for the usual Friday crunch before the Saturday farmers market. For two folks who work all week trying to get just a bit ahead so we don’t have to rush around like idiots on Friday it always seems like the further we go the behinder we get! What happened to Wednesday and Thursday? I swear we worked on those days but it sure doesn’t look like we accomplished anything. Oh well, we’re used to frantic Friday’s!

I took some “fallish” oven mitts and stuffed a few packets of our seasoning in them, tied the pair together with a ribbon and a tag last week. They sold like hotcakes! Hey, they make great gifts for teachers, Sunday school teachers and just about anyone else that you might want a little something for. And, it’s gets our herb seasoning blends out to more folks to enjoy! So, that’s what I’ll be doing for most of the day today…stuffing oven mitts! I thought I’d fill a giant basket with them to display on one of our tables. I also figured that I can switch the seasoning if a customers wants something different in a certain set of mitts. Heck all it will take is a few minutes of my time to stuff in new seasoning and add some recipes. It’s worth it to see the smiles on our customers faces.

Drew usually uses me as a guinea pig to test his new recipes. Believe me I do not complain about being used! He’s making his delicious Jamm’n Sweet Tater soup this week but he needed something more than just crackers to go with it. He’s been grilling corn cakes in front of everyone at the market so I suggested them again. Of course he wrinkled up his nose and gave me that look. Well, I won out in the end! He created a corn cake using our Pop’n Sweet and they really are good! A great pair with the sweet tater soup. So I guess I’ll be manning the money belt again tomorrow while he cooks. I asked him if he had a recipe for me to share with you all and I was informed that it’s nothing more than following the cornbread directions on the Martha White Yellow “Self Rising” Corn Meal package with an additional heaping tablespoon of our Pop’n Sweet added to the batter. He placed about 2 or 3 tablespoons of the batter for each cake onto a lightly oiled griddle and cooked them until brown on each side. I love corn cakes…they just don’t seem to crumble as much as cornbread. Perfect “dippers” for soups and stews! Plus, they sure tasted good this morning after I heated a few up in the “nuker” and slathered them in butter!

Anyone out there familiar with homegrown sweet potatoes? I need an opinion, please. I bought a beautiful sweet potato planter just so we had something green this spring when we entertained a few food writers at our farm. This thing grew to be a monster and we repotted it three times with a final resting place in a large metal trough. I pulled the plant out the other day because it looked terrible after the frost. Lo and behold there were about six very large potatoes. They are not like any sweet potato that I have ever seen…they are purple and when I cut into one the innards are almost white. I did a bit of research and found that all sweets are edible but I’m not too sure about this darling! It’s HUGE! I’d hate to be the one who causes our demise by serving the monsters at dinnertime. Can we eat this thing????


Well, I have some last minute printing to do and then I going to jump into a hot shower and don my long johns so I don’t freeze in the shop this morning. Hope you all have a great Friday!


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Thursday’s doin’s Saturday Sell’n at the Farmers Market!

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