Planning for the final market day!

November 23, 2007 at 2:28 pm Leave a comment

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! We did our usual Thursday chores, printing labels, making seasoning and then a few extras like cleaning out the gutters, laundry, etc. Funny how holidays become mundane when you have no family around. We both had to admit that we missed the smells of our moms cooking the “bird” on Thanksgiving morning. We even shed a few tears thinking about our families. But, we quickly remembered to count the blessings that we do have and we’re both thankful for the memories of past years.

We lost two more of our dear friends last week. We’ve missed seeing “pappy Raggard” at the market because of his illness. Now we can only offer our support and condolences to his son, Ed, after he lost his long battle. On Friday night we had a funeral service at our pet cemetery. Our sweet Skitty kitty lost his battle too. They will both be missed.

This Saturday is the last day of our outdoor farmers market and then we get to move indoors to warmth next week! We also feel odd when the market year ends. It means the lean winter months are coming and we’re normally trying to hang on until April comes along and we get to look forward to the opening of a new market season. This year is a bit different. Our market has changed its pricing structure and it will cost us double to set up. We’ve got to come up with some major, for us, $$$ before the end of the year. Doesn’t look like that will happen so we’ve got to figure out what we’ll be doing next year. If we can’t afford to join again next year we’ll sure miss our customers and our farmer friends but maybe it’s time for us to move on to something new. Only time will tell. We do have some thoughts in our pea brains and all you can do is try to move onward and upward. Wish us luck in our future endeavors!

Sorry to say that I do not have any special recipes from our feast yesterday to share with you…we ate shrimp soup for our Thanksgiving Day dinner! It was a cold, windy and rainy day so grilling the shrimp outdoors just didn’t seem like fun. I headed to the kitchen with a can opener to attack a can of Campbell’s Cream of Shrimp soup, add a can of milk to some sauteed celery and onions. Then a good pinch of Good’n Garlicky and some precooked shrimp and simmer just enough to heat it through. We dunked some wonderful homemade sourdough rolls from Cedar Ridge Farm and we we’re happy campers!

Hopefully, now that things have slowed down a bit, I’ll be posting more often. Hope you all have a wonderful Black Friday! We’re packing for the final market tomorrow so you’all get the bargains for us!




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