Sunday Doing’s!

December 2, 2007 at 5:55 pm Leave a comment

What a start to a Sunday morning for most of the country! It’s just rainy and windy in our neck of the woods, not as cold as expected. Hope the rest of you are keeping warm and safe on the snowy and icy roads that seem to be blanketing a good portion of the country…be careful all!

Normally we unload “Bernie” and then eat a gut wadd’in breakfast followed by a nap. Not today! It’s that time of the year and our herb filled gift baskets take over. I’ll be printing labels, Drew will be blending and packing and then we’ll both try to get everything packed into baskets so I can shrink wrap and add a bow to them. Okay, I’m tired already, are you sure I can’t take a nap! HaHa!

I have to admit that we are going to enjoy a good breakfast before we commence our chores. I’m making my “New York Taters” today so that Drew can finish reading the big city newspaper before he cooks the ham and eggs. I know, you are asking yourself…”what the heck are New York Taters?” They’re nothing more than cubing up some taters (today I am using Yukon Golds from the market), boiling them until tender and then draining them. I throw them into a skillet with some melted butter (Paula Deen and I think alike!) and then toss the taters. Add a good palm full of Paprika and toss. Add some of our Good’n Garlicky and toss again. Just let them brown a bit and your taters are ready to serve. Not exactly like the raw slices of taters that Drew highly seasons and browns in bacon dripp’ins but they sure are good and easy to make.

Add some skillet cooked ham (today is a city version) and a few over easy eggs, some whole wheat toasted buns and you’ve got a great breakfast. Okay, how many of you eat breakfast like Drew does…a bite of each “item” at a time? I’m from the school that said it all ends up in the same place anyway, so why not mix it up! I am very articulate when it comes to getting my plate ready. You slice the ham into bite size pieces, cut the eggs up and then add the taters. Mush them all together and then cover with ketchup. My ex-husband used to turn away in disgust…maybe that’s why we are no longer a couple!!! Good thing that Drew loves me, sloppy breakfast and all. Here’s what love will put up with at the breakfast table and by the way, I forgot to include the Herb’n Mary Bloody that I am also going to enjoy…think I was sipping on it both before and after the picture taking episode.

Karin’s breakfast!

Whew, after looking at that picture and enjoy my Bloody Mary, I might have to rethink the nap thing! Oh well, the baskets will get done in plenty of time for the market and our mail orders will be ready to go out on Monday. But, in the meantime I think the bed/couch is looking real good!

Hope you all have a great Sunday, stay warm, drive carefully and let yourself enjoy a nap. 🙂


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