We survived the casserole!

December 12, 2007 at 2:25 pm Leave a comment

Well, the “gunk” casserole wasn’t bad at all! I have to admit that it would have been much better with a tomato sauce versus the ketchup concoction…it was a bit on the sweet side. It didn’t have much eye appeal but it was gut wadd’in! And, I’ll make sure Drew dons an apron and makes us some griddle cakes to go with it next time. It’s amazing what you can do with an empty cupboard and fridge!

Hopefully we’ll have the empty problem solved today. We’re heading to the big city to mail some some orders, make a deposit at the bank and buy some groceries. We’re also dropping some posters off at Malabu Pub. They have asked us to “do” a show on Sunday. It’s a small neighborhood bar and grill and they use many of our seasoning blends. Apparently the customers want a chance to purchase some gift baskets for the holidays. We’re happy campers because it means a bit more income during an otherwise very slow time at the market. So, if you’re not doing anything on Sunday you might want to stop by Malabu Pub and Grille on Surfside Dr off of Nicholasville Rd. We’ll be there from 2 until 5.

I’m sitting here typing while wearing a pair of shorts! What happened to the cold December weather? We have had the windows open for the past three days. I guess I should not question Mother Nature because if the rain we’ve had lately had been snow, we’d be buried in the white stuff and I don’t think I’m ready for that yet. And, I darn sure don’t want the ice that much of the country is being covered with. I feel for those folks because we went through a similar ice storm a few years back. It was awful.

Okay, enough chatter for one day. I have to get my body into the shower and get ready for the trek to town. Have a great day all. 🙂


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Cupboards are bare and the fridge is not much better…what to do! Whew Wednesday!

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