Ahhh, Sweet Sunday!

December 23, 2007 at 3:17 pm Leave a comment

Sunday is normally a day of emptying Bernie so that we can sort through and decide what we need to replenish for the next Saturday market. This Sunday is very different cause we don’t have to worry about the market next week. It’s a bittersweet feeling. Drew and I both felt very odd unloading the tables for the last time. Putting the tubs that we use to cart our goodies to the market away was another sad time. I guess when you’ve been used to a certain routine for 10 years it leaves you with an empty pit in your stomach when you don’t have to follow it. But, we’ve made our decision and we’re sticking to it! No more Lexington Farmers’ Market for us.

We had many of our customers stop by and wish us well yesterday…even had a few tears and a bunch of β€œoh no’s!” Everyone understood why we did what we did and we were pleased to find out that they all asked how to continue to buy our seasoning. We explained that we had a party to cater next week and then we’ll figure out something…we just want to take a break and gather our thoughts. But, you can guarantee that we won’t let them down…Herb’n Renewal will go on. πŸ™‚

Enough looking back…we’re moving forward and today is a start of a new life for us. We’ve both been thinking of all sorts of things that we want to do around the farm, things that have been neglected in the past few years. So, I’m going to start by tackling my soap shop! I’ll bet that I find scents that I didn’t even know I had!!! Drew has to head into Lexington cause we’re borrowing a truck from a friend. We think our dear Bernie was trying to tell us that we made the right decision to quit the market cause he coughed and sputtered all the way into town yesterday. I guess he’s tired too. He’s going to get a week of rest and a bit of an overhaul.

Oh, I’ve got to share the drive to the market with you..it was so funny and so typical male! We had no sooner pulled out of our little country road when I noticed a burning smell. I commented to Drew and he of course told me I worry too much. Well, I guess I do because I hear (and comment on) every little knock, thud or whatever that Bernie makes. A few minutes go by and of course I am panicking. Then I smell smoke and comment on that. Once again, the typical male in Drew takes over and he let’s me know that nothing is wrong and to quit worrying. Than all of a sudden, in the early morning darkness, I notice him reaching under his seat. He hands me a flashlight and tells me to look for a fire…EEK! I knew I was right…something was burning! But I couldn’t find it and the smoke was filling up the front of Bernie. We pulled over in the first lit area that we could find and checked him out. Thank heavens there was no fire…so where was the smoke coming from? Drew finally decided that it had something to do with the manifold…whatever that is. And sure enough when we restarted him the noise was really loud. We are now the proud owners of what folks around here would call a redneck van! HaHa! We roared our way into town and both laughed at what folks attending the U.K. Basketball game would think when we started him up for the drive home! And you thought they roared when the Cats scored a point…they hadn’t heard anything yet!

Well, I guess I better get started with my new life..I’m off to the soap shop! Hope you all have a wonderful day and if you’ve procrastinated on buying those holiday gifts, may you end up in a short line at the checkout counter! πŸ™‚




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Final Market Saturday! After Christmas Thoughts!

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