After Christmas Thoughts!

December 26, 2007 at 2:27 pm Leave a comment

Happy Birthday Pappy…I know you are watching over me.

Speaking of what would have been my dad’s birthday, my mom would have had one on the 19th of this month too. And, they would have celebrated their anniversary on the 21st. Stick Christmas in the middle of all of those celebrations and they usually ended up with one big gift under the tree with a tag that said “Happy Everything!” Mom told me to make sure that I didn’t get married in my birth month cause you get shorted in the gift department! I miss her weird sense of humor.

Okay, it’s the day after Christmas and I hope Santa was good to everyone. We haven’t done the “Christmas light thing” since Drew had his first blood clot a few years back and we both commented that we missed our usual 11,000 light show! But, neither of us miss the taking them down, tagging them and then packing them for another year. We have a garage full of lights and decorations just gathering dust! We don’t buy each other gifts and we didn’t even bother to put up a tree. It looked kinda boring around here on Christmas Morning. We did the usual Merry Christmas calls to family and friends and then sat here trying to decide what we could do for some excitement. Brainstorm!!! My dearest friend had a stroke last year and I don’t get to visit her nearly enough because of the price of gas. Well, Bernie bit the dust and we have borrowed a truck that gets much better mileage so we decided to head off to Ft. Knox to visit with Linde and Joe.

We didn’t bother to call until we got to their road and what a surprise. I was talking to Joe on the cell phone as we pulled up into their driveway…asking him what they were doing and as it happens they were eating dinner. I continued the banter between us as I just walked in the front door hollering Merry Christmas! I wish you all could have seen the look on their faces. It was like the commercial on TV…priceless! Joe has become the “houseman” since Linde can longer do the cooking and cleaning. He’s one of those folks that couldn’t boil water before and now he reads cookbooks! We took him a large basket full of our blends along with a recipe file so he can play in the kitchen…he was thrilled and so was Linde. I think she’s bored with his bland cooking. HaHa! Anyway, we had a great visit and it was one of the best presents I could have received.

Christmas eve was another priceless day. We had some gift baskets left after the market and although we could have taken them apart, I decided to give a little something to unsuspecting folks in town. We drove around the various parking lots and when I saw someone who looked like they needed a bit of cheer I jumped out and handed them a gift basket! I think some of them thought I was nuts but I sure hope they all enjoy their special Christmas present from Herb’n Renewal. I know we got a great one just watching the smiles.

Drew has headed towards town to see if he can figure out what the heck is wrong with Bernie and I am going to tackle “the room!” EEK!!! Our spare room has become a catchall room with Lord knows what in it! Who knows I might find some treasures worth selling on eBay. We could use the money seen as how we are now both officially unemployed without the market. YIKES! Maybe I’ll work on getting the shop finished so we can open up and start to gain some much needed $$$. I don’t know but we’re hoping that we can open next week and I need to clear some cobwebs from my brain before we start.

I’m off to start…somewhere. Have a great day all. 🙂


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Ahhh, Sweet Sunday! It’s Saturday and we’re home!!!

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