It’s Saturday and we’re home!!!

December 29, 2007 at 12:45 pm Leave a comment

Holy mackerel! It’s Saturday morning and we’re still home at 7AM! That hasn’t happened in almost 10 years. We both laughed as we kissed each other goodnight and said “sleep with angels” before going to bed last night…we didn’t have to set the alarm for 2AM and yet we both knew that we would probably wake up anyway. Well, I did but Drew managed to snore right through our usual wake up call. I have to admit that it felt kinda funny not rushing around, printing last minute recipes and trying to decide which Herb’n Renewal “uniform” to wear to the market. Instead I get to sit here in my jammies and put my thoughts into this box they call a computer!

One of Drew’s friends is throwing a 50th birthday party for his gal today and he asked us to prepare the food for the party. We spent yesterday chopping, dicing and blending. Drew managed to get two turkey breasts smoked and carved…I managed to steal a sample and boy was it good! The only thing left to do today is to make the fondue and cube the bread. We were busy folks yesterday. One of the spreads that Drew made happens to be one of my favorites and it’s so easy to make. Here’s the recipe…

Cajun Seafood Spread

8 oz. Cream cheese

2 tbsp. Dried chives

4 oz. Salad shrimp*

½ cup mayonnaise

4 oz. Can crab meat

2 tsp. Cajun Wing’n Season

Blend mayonnaise, softened cream cheese and Cajun Wing’n Season until smooth. Fold in chives, crab meat and shrimp. Refrigerate overnight. Serve with crackers or veggies!

*We like it really “shrimpy”and we’re lucky enough to have some fresh frozen Wild Caught Georgia Shrimp in our freezer so we used about a half of a pound, chopped up after we gave it a good old fashioned shrimp boil with our Rub’n Season Fish!

This recipe has always been a crowd pleaser so give it a try for your New Years party. If we have any leftovers I’m going to try something new… spread it on a slice of French bread, top with a bit of Muenster cheese and broil till bubbly. I love when I come up with brainstorms! Lol

Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday. 🙂


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