We made it to Sunday!

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I just have to share this with all of you. Women will understand and the typical male will say that they never do this! I hope you all enjoy the laugh as much as I did and eventually so did Drew.

We prepared the food for a party, at a friend’s home, that we were catering without a hitch. Everything was loaded in the truck and we headed out to Georgetown…it’s only about a 35 mile drive and we had plenty of time to get there. Drew decides to take some back roads to avoid the holiday traffic that is still jamming up our local roads. Not a problem, I love being able to sit back and enjoy the countryside. I do have to admit that I help drive even though I am in the passenger seat…you know, the invisible “brake” thingie. Some of those curves were a bit too sharp for my taste but we were enjoying the beautiful clear day. Somewhere along the way Drew must have made a wrong turn, not sure where but we just kept driving even though I was starting to frantically look at my watch. We passed a sign on a fence that read “Russell Springs!” Yikes, I knew we really had gone out of our way!! Not to worry, I was told, it’s only a farm name sign…whew. We passed a really great place called Boyd Orchards. It’s a great place to take your family for apple pick’in! Over an hour later we finally pulled into the destination driveway and our friends were there anxiously awaiting our arrival.

We immediately commenced to getting the rest of the food prepared and setting up the tables. I have to say that fun was had by all, even the birthday gal who was turning the dreaded 50! We saw some old friends and met some new ones. We were very pleased with how everything turned out. We were invited to sit down and have a relaxing bit of conversation and a beverage before we started our trek home. Okay, now it’s beginning to get dark. I tell Drew that it’s time to start home because my “brakes” don’t do to well in the darkness of night. We all hug and say thank you and head out for the ride home.

Geez, I thought the ride to the party was fun! You wouldn’t believe the ride home. Drew decides that he figured out where he made the wrong turn before. Okay, I’m game even though there is no scenery to enjoy in the night darkness. Heck, I can’t even see the street and route signs! I get myself situated and have my “brakes” ready to use. The first few miles of the trip are great. Oops, here’s the first major decision…right or left? Right is the correct way to go according to Drew. Hey, there’s Boyd Orchards off to the left, so we must be on the right road, correct? Wow, those “brakes” are getting a workout on these curvy, narrow roads! EEK! Calm down, Karin…Drew is in charge and he knows where he is going, so make some light conversation and talk about the folks we got to see tonight. The food was good, their dog is a darling, I don’t think the triplets look anything like each other, etc.,etc.,etc.

Hey…there’s Boyd Orchards AGAIN! Only this time it is on the right side of the road. Didn’t we pass that awhile back? I commented and Drew assured me that he was in control. Must be a man thing! I’m sitting there smirking to myself thinking “yeah right big guy!” Uh Oh, that seems to be the Bluegrass Parkway ahead…how the heck did we end up here? I sigh and Drew lowers his head in semi shame…he missed the turn again! We backtrack and finally end up on major roads that I am familiar with and I can finally relax and let my “brake” ease up. I do manage to give him instructions…right, right, right, left and finally a left into our parking space at the farm!

We’re home, safe and sound..finally! And, by the way, Boyd Orchards really is a very nice place, you just don’t want to be driving past it three times in one day! Go visit them for some big smiles. http://www.boydorchards.com/

I just read this to Drew and he informed me, in his defense, that he really saved us actual miles even though he made a wrong turn. That’s okay, big guy…you believe whatever you want to. HaHa!

I’m off to the kitchen to start some fried taters to have with our, leftover from the party, ham and eggs.  They’re real easy and quite tasty when you’re in a rush to eat.  Simply wash and cube taters and boil them until semi done.  Drain and dump into a hot skillet with bacon drippin’s.  Give them a good shake of Good’n Garlicky and a really good pinch of Paprika.  Toss them so that they all get coated well.  Contiue to “fry” in a medium heat skillet until the ham and eggs are done.  They’ll brown nicely in just a few minutes and they’re already cooked so all you are doing is basically heating them up. 🙂


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It’s Saturday and we’re home!!! New Day, New Year!

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