Poor “Bernie” is not well!

February 6, 2008 at 1:36 am Leave a comment

“Bernie” is our van and only form of transportation and he is not doing very well. 😦   It’s times like this when you wished you lived in the big city. Drew’s friend was going to come help him install the new part but unfortunately he is sick.  

I have to share today with you.  We had to laugh cause it’s much better than crying which is what we both felt like doing.

Drew coaxed Bernie to the next town and picked up the part that we had to order.

Drew decides to do it himself…not a good thing when you are not really a mechanic! EEK

Drew comes in and asks me for some assistance…excuse me, where the heck do you see “mechanics assistant on my resume!” lol

Karin is trying to get her computer straightened out but what the heck, Bernie is more important.

Karin finds out that the job of assistant is not that hard…hold the light so said mechanic can see what the heck he is doing. Hope she doesn’t expect much pay for this job.

Oh my, Karin soon learns that holding the light is not the only task she will have to perform! She has to get her hands and arms greasy while trying to maneuver around stuff that seems to be important to the operation of Bernie…all that just to hold a wrench!

After disconnecting hoses, unscrewing things finally the BAD part is out!

Drew removes the connecting thingie and then goes to attach it to the new part…OOPS, forgot to see what direction it went on!

Karin is back to holding light and making comments about doing a diagram or labeling each piece as you remove/take it apart. She is not getting a very nice look from Drew.

New part is soon assembled in the correct position.

Karin is holding light in one hand and holding a wheel of some sort so it does not move while Drew tries to tighten bolts. Drew is trying to use a thingie with a handle to get the bolts tight…handle does not fit well and here comes the first knuckle boo boo.

Yes, it works and new piece is now in place and Karin is told that it’s a good thing that it is not too tight…Drew might have to adjust it.

Karin gives Drew a “whatever” look!

Time for a break so that we can feed the tribe and Karin can attempt to wash off the grease.

Back to the garage to finish getting Bernie up and running.

Karin is back to light holding while Drew attempts to figure out where the belt goes…isn’t a belt something you wear around your waist? HaHa! So much for Karin being a mechanics assistant. She needs to learn the lingo!

Well, heck…the belt is much bigger than any round wheels that it might possibly go around. 

 Karin gives Drew that “are you sure” look…again!

Drews tells Karin to pull the belt up straight and hold it…why she asks, it’s not on the wheel thingie!!!

Karin, the assistant, is asked to go get a tape measure??? Okay, big boy, whatever you say.

Yup, the belt is 3″ too long for the wheels that it has to go around to function properly.

So, do you push Bernie outside and hope that you can push him back into half of the garage…remember, the rest is full of stuff!  Nope, you clip tarps everywhere semi protecting the garage. Then you make the sad mistake of listening to the weather report. Severe weather, high direct winds and loads of rain!

Guess who will not be sleeping tonight while we keep watch on the garage…that rain could seep into the shop!

If you have managed to read this far, know that a friend stopped by and brought us a bottle of vodka…do you smell martini tonight!  God bless her, we both could use one! 🙂

Tomorrow’s chore…find a friend or enemy that is willing to go get the correct belt so that we can get Bernie up and running.

 Good thing is the shop will be open this Friday, Saturday and Sunday!  Bernie doesn’t have to be running to open the shop. 🙂



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