Drew and Karin together again at Herb’n Renewal!

November 16, 2009 at 6:00 pm Leave a comment

Well, heck…it’s been quite a past few weeks for us! Robin and Drew decided to close Caros after struggling to make ends meet for the past year. It was a hard decision because they both believed in Caros. I’m going to quote Robin because she said it much better than I ever could have.

“Sometimes the odds really do make success a longshot. Caros- The Best Little Joint Downtown, will be closing its doors on Friday November 13th after 3 years of “downtown revitalization.” I don’t know how the handicappers called it, but small business downtown looks sorely like the old gray nag! Starting with the unutilized block that was razed in the center of town, to a parking authority harassing employers, employees and clientele, to a dwindling daytime population due to layoffs and closings, and on to the city leaders bright ideas and so called plan…The Limestone Streetscape Project…Caros has had enough! With credit markets locked tighter than the Mayor’s office door, and the prospect of a viable business plan in downtown obliterated, the loss of another small business downtown will likely be seen as “collateral damage” suffered for the good of the city. Perhaps it’s fitting that a company with enormous experience, willpower, and spirit be put out to pasture downtown.
Our heartfelt thanks goes out to those who have supported us and laughed with us…we do ‘preciate ya!!!
Robin, Drew and “Stella”

So, where does that leave the “herbfolks” at Herb’n Renewal? At home and back on the farm together again! 🙂 That’s right, Karin and Drew are semi back to normal! Drew is taking a few days off to catch his breath but after that he will be in full swing out in the kitchen blending up a storm. Karin gets to go back to being the label printer, soap maker and herb stuffer! Lol

Life changes and you have to go with it…that’s what we are doing. It almost seems like we are going backwards but we’re not. We have great plans for Herb’n Renewal! Stayed tuned to see what we are doing.


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