Bluegrass Farmers’ Market Cookbook Exchange!

June 23, 2010 at 2:29 pm Leave a comment

We’re trying something new at the market this Saturday…a cookbook exchange!  It’s so simple, just bring a cookbook and exchange it for a “new to you” one!

I know that sounds easy but I’m beginning to think that my brilliant idea is gonna kill me!  I have been digging through boxes loaded with dust, pet hair, etc. for the past week.  Who knew I had collected so many cookbooks! 

 I spent years traveling for business and the easiest book to read while on a plane, was a cookbook.  I would find a recipe that I wanted to try and circle the page in the index with a pencil.  Well, I still have many of those books…20 years later!  And, I’ll bet I haven’t tried half of the circled recipe.  Shame on me.

Of course Drew came with a bunch of cookbooks too so that meant we have many double copies.  Guess where they are going where they are going on Saturday!  And, for some darn reason I have a bunch of “cooking with kids” books.  Why?  I have no children, never have and seen as how I just filed for my Social Security, I doubt I ever will.  Must have been a good deal somewhere way back when.  They will be included in my stash going to the market.

The next big thump on my head should be because it never entered my mind to think about how the heck we are going to get them to the market.  Poor old “Chuck” our van is loaded to the hilt each Saturday morning and now we have to squish in boxes loaded with cookbooks!

Remind me not to have anymore “brain farts!” lol  But, it should be a fun day and I can almost guarantee that I will be bringing boxes full of “new to me” books home…much to Drew’s dismay!  Poor baby has to put up with my collecting passions.  Hmmmmm, wonder if we can do a piggie collection exchange!  He’d love that that one, we’d clear out half of our home!

Hope you’all come and join in on the fun this Saturday, June 26th, at the Bluegrass Farmers’ Market.  It’s located at 3450 Richmond Rd. next to the Glenn Auto Mall…ya can’t miss it!  We’re there from 9 until 2 and the big news…fresh, locally corn is in!!!  So are the sun ripened tomatoes!  You can shop and get a book all in the same location! 🙂


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Herb’n Renewal at the Bluegrass Farmers’ Market! Herb’n Renewal will be grilling zucchini!

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