Mushrooms and More!

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What’s a gal supposed to do with a pound of mushrooms marked down to $1.59? Well, heck…saute’ those darlings in some butter, white wine and Good’n Garlicky.

Okay they are great but what else can she do with them? Well, her motto is never pass up a bargain so you can guarantee that she will find a way to use them even if it isn’t for dinner tonight! Mushroom soup? Well, that would be if there are any leftover after she keeps “testing” them! lol Possibly throw them over that hunk of beef out in the freezer and slow cook it all day.

Decisions, decisions!

Dilemma solved…into the freezer they go for future use seen as how the menu is already planned for the next few days and it does not include anything that you would use mushrooms in.

By the way, I would normally have used a red wine but I drank the last drop last night so white it was!

How to create this…

1 lb. fresh mushrooms

1/4 + cup of butter…we love butter

1/2 cup wine…red is best, white is good and Bourbon is great!

Several good shakes of Good’n Garlicky…I mean good shakes!

Wipe mushrooms with a damp paper towel to remove any dirt. Slice off the bottom of the stem….you know the browned part. Slice into about 1/4 inch thick slices. Melt butter in skillet and add Good’n Garlicky and then the booze…dump in the mushrooms and stir to coat.

Here’s the beginning of something delicious!

mushrooms 1


Simmer, covered, over low/medium heat until desired tenderness.

Now is when you want to cool them down to freeze.

mushrooms 2

This is when you want to just stand over the skillet with a fork and say what the heck I didn’t want bust out the vacuum sealer anyway! lol

mushrooms 3

And, this is what made them taste so great…Good’n Garlicky!

good'n garlicky


Wish I had a big juicy steak to pour them over but chili is on the menu tonight. Doesn’t really matter because they never made it to the freezer and the few that survived ended up in the chili!

I am so glad that I am fairly adept in the kitchen because I sure am no good on this thing they call a computer and updating our website. Hence, you will not find our Good’n Garlicky there. 😦 But if you’ll email us at we’ll get right back to you. The 3 ounce package is $4 plus exact shipping…we cover the handling! 🙂


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