Pondering About Bacon!

February 3, 2016 at 7:00 pm Leave a comment

Pondering…an interesting word. And, it’s something that I do often. Usually it’s about something inane though…like cooking bacon! But to me cooking bacon, the old fashioned way in a skillet, is a time for me to ponder about many things. Today my pondering was about nothing more than bacon! lol

I wondered why some folks, my hubby included, prefer baking it on a sheet pan in an oven. Sorry, but you miss the excitement of watching those strips sizzle and curl up as they brown. Then you have the people who add water to it to prevent shrinkage…that’s what bacon is supposed to do…shrink!!!

I am sorry but cooking bacon is a magical experience and should be savored. You need to put those raw strips into a cold skillet and then turn the heat to medium. Stand back, with your fork or tongs (if you must) in hand and wait for the magic to happen. Now comes the best part…once you notice the shrinkage and a bit of browning, flip the strip! I don’t care what anyone says…flipping bacon strips is therapeutic! I don’t want to hear anyone tell me to only flip them once…not happening!

bacon pan

That first strip of heaven comes out of the skillet and on to some paper toweling to absorb some of that stuff that they say is bad for you…grease! And you find yourself having to resist eating it immediately…any bacon lover has been there and done that, we have the right to burn our fingers and tongue!

bacon done

Just keep replacing the heavenly strips with more as you remove them…oh my, be still my heart!

Now, about that “bad for you stuff…grease!” I am sorry but no respectable kitchen can survive without a container of bacon drippin’s…that’s the respectable name for that goodness! Have to admit that this is today’s goodness, so it hasn’t quite set up yet.

bacon drippins

So let me ask you folks who do not save the “drippin’s”…how the heck do you make fried taters? How about a big bowl of that good for you stuff called collard greens or kale? And, who can resist a huge bowl of wilted lettuce…notice that there is green stuff in it so it must be good for you! BTW, it’s what’s for lunch today! lol

Okay, I have pondered enough for one day. I have to admit that I always feel better after I cook up a “mess” of bacon! To all of the bacon lovers out there…keep pan frying those strips of heaven!!! 🙂


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