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And, it has nothing to do with food and recipes!!!

I’m musing today about my life and why I am what I am. I was the “product” of two very talented, smart and loving parents. And, I keep coming to the conclusion that I inherited a bit of both of them…thankfully! They were a great pair yet different as day and night. My mom was a superb “wing it” cook, my dad couldn’t boil water. Mom was also an unbelievable artist…she could capture an animals feelings on her canvas. My dad was a master cabinet maker/engineer and a nit picker from the word go…I learned quickly not to ask him for help with my homework. That man always wanted to know why 1 + 1 equaled 2! It just does…not good enough for him! Lol

I was reminded of how wonderful my childhood was today when my dear hubby asked a simple question. He thought we had some leather around the house and asked me if I knew where it might be. Okay, odd question but I fully understood where he was coming from and asked him what he planned on doing with the leather. Mom entering my brain as a new artistic creation…dad entering as something to steady or balance something. See what I mean…they were so different and I guess I can count my blessings because I knew exactly what my hubby wanted…a piece of leather to hang a cherished bear claw given to him by a dear friend, but it had to include a fastener. Yup, both mom and dad filled my brain. Artistic and yet mechanical!!!

I told hubby where I had the leather strips stored in my shop…even gave him explicit directions on where to find the box that they were stored in. Five minutes later, it dawned on me that the poor dear would be searching for hours on end and still never find my “stash” of leather goodies. Lol So, off I go to the shop and he quickly tells me there is no reason for me to be there…he can find it. Yeah right!!! Two minutes later I open a few boxes and ask what he wants out of them. Honestly, he would still have been searching for the boxes, let alone the contents.

That brings me back to musing about my childhood. I grew up knowing that I was always welcome in the kitchen to help mom chop, dice, whip, etc. I also grew up knowing that every night dad would come home, have his usual can of Shaefer beer and head down to his shop and his bellow would be shortly there after…”who’s been in my shop?” lol Yes, dad, it was me who used your screwdriver and I could have sworn I put it back in the exact same space…nope, he knew I had touched them. But, he always smiled because he knew how much I enjoyed using those screwdrivers, pliers, saws, etc. Mom didn’t care where I put the pots and pans after I dried them…she would find them when needed.

The end of my musing…I found exactly what my dear hubby was looking for in minutes and he just grinned knowing that I am the product of Sally and Larry! And, he never had the chance to meet them…he just knows that I come from two wonderful people who loved me very much and taught me about life and how to make the best of it.

Thank you mom and dad…you are always in my thoughts and heart. You both brought organized chaos into my life and I love you for it!

P.S. Bones, Drew has your bear claw around his neck again!


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