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Happenings at Herb’n Renewal!

We are so far behind in keeping everyone up to date with what is happening at Herb’n Renewal…our apologies. Things have been busy around here! We’ve been sending orders out via the post office, delivering to folks and creating gift baskets for special occasions. Yes, it is good to be so busy and tired after a long day in the kitchen or shop!

We thought about posting some “green” recipes in honor of St. Patrick’s Day and then realized that our only “green” herb blend was Greek’n Greens and that hardly fit. We thought about sharing our Green Beans’n Shrooms recipe but most of you know that our Rub’n Season Herb’n All never met a vegetable that it didn’t love. Then we remembered one of our favorite grilled veggies…cabbage! Yippee…something to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and it is even green although you could use a purple cabbage too. By the way, this works great in the oven too.

Yummy Cabbage Wedges

Core cabbage and cut into wedges…rinse and pat dry. Gently lift every few leaves and spread a bit of softened butter on them…sprinkle with a wee bit of Rub’n Season Herb’n All and then place them back into a wedge shape. Wrap a slice of bacon (or two) around each wedge and then seal in foil pouches. Place on the top rack or off to the side of your grill and cook until tender. If you want to do this in your oven preheat it to 350 degrees before placing the cabbage wedge bundles in the oven. Salt and pepper as desired. It usually takes about 30 minutes with either method of cooking…depending on how soft you like your cabbage.

We have to admit that we have heard so much about roasted cabbage slices and have wondered why the heck this would not work too…except we’d miss the bacon wrap! lol

Okay, it’s not exactly a St. Patrick’s Day recipe but it is green, it is cabbage and it is delicious…what more could you ask for! 🙂 Rub’n Season Herb’n All is available on our website at

Happy eating from the herb folks at Herb’n Renewal…we take the guesswork out of seasoning!

Drew and Karin 🙂


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